Chocolate and Caramel In Harmony
Our Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters are a treat you won't want to miss. Made with a rich blend of chocolate and caramel atop a bed of crispy pecans, these clusters are the perfect mix of sweet and crunchy. Handmade by You Scream Treat Emporium, each bite is a decadent delight. Whether you're looking for a sweet treat to satisfy your cravings or a special gift for a loved one, our Chocolate Caramel Pecan Clusters are the perfect choice. With their irresistible flavor and high-quality ingredients, they're sure to please even the most discerning sweet tooth. So come on in and try... Keep Reading
Rich, Decadent Goodness
Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delectable Chocolate Almond Butter Toffee. This indulgent treat features a crunchy, buttery toffee that's coated in rich, silky-smooth milk chocolate and sprinkled with chunks of savory almonds. It's the perfect sweet and salty combination, and we guarantee it will have you coming back for more. At You Scream Treat Emporium, we take pride in handcrafting all of our candies with the highest quality ingredients. Our Chocolate Almond Butter Toffee is no exception, and it's the perfect treat to give as a thoughtful gift or to enjoy as a special treat for yourself. Come visit us... Keep Reading
Candy With A Zing
Satisfy your caffeine and chocolate cravings all at once with our Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans! We start with premium Buena Vista Roastery espresso beans and coat them in a rich and creamy layer of white, milk, or dark chocolate. These bite-sized treats are perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up or as a sweet addition to your morning coffee. At You Scream Treat Emporium, we take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients to create our confections. Our Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans are no exception - each batch is carefully crafted with attention to detail to ensure the perfect balance of flavors.... Keep Reading
Salty, Sweet Crunch
Satisfy your sweet and salty cravings with our Chocolate Toffee Pretzels! Crunchy pretzels are coated in smooth milk chocolate and then rolled in homemade toffee pieces for the perfect blend of flavors and textures. Whether you're looking for a midday snack or a special treat, these pretzels are sure to hit the spot. At You Scream Treat Emporium, we take pride in our high-quality treats, and our Chocolate Toffee Pretzels are no exception. Made with the finest ingredients and crafted with care, these pretzels are a delicious and satisfying snack. Visit us in Cañon City to try them for yourself!... Keep Reading
Melt In Your Mouth
Satisfy your sweet tooth with our decadent chocolate truffles! Made with a rich chocolate ganache, each truffle is coated in a layer of even more chocolate. With a variety of flavors available, from classic dark chocolate to creamy milk chocolate and even fruity and nutty flavors, you're sure to find one that will become your new favorite. Perfect as a gift or a sweet treat for yourself, our chocolate truffles are the perfect indulgence. Stop by You Scream Treat Emporium in Cañon City and try one (or a few!) for yourself today. And if you're looking for a special order for... Keep Reading
That Campfire Flavor
Experience the taste of camping with our S'Mores Candy! We take fluffy marshmallows and coat them in creamy milk chocolate, then roll them in crunchy graham cracker crumbs. The perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, no campfire needed! Looking for a unique gift or party favor? Our S'Mores Candy is the perfect choice. We can take orders for any occasion, from weddings to birthday parties to corporate events. Visit You Scream Treat Emporium in Cañon City to try our S'Mores Candy today!... Keep Reading
Nostalgic Candy Favorites
At You Scream Treat Emporium, we offer a wide selection of bulk candy, from nostalgic favorites to new and exciting treats. Whether you're in the mood for something sour, something sweet, or something in between, we've got you covered. Come in and fill a bag with all your favorite sweets, or try something new and exciting. Our bulk candy selection is perfect for special events, parties, or just treating yourself to a fun and nostalgic treat. From classic candies like gummy bears and jawbreakers to unique and gourmet options, we have something for everyone. Visit us at You Scream Treat Emporium... Keep Reading
Nutty, Choclatey Goodness
Craving something sweet, nutty, and indulgent? Look no further than our Caramel Pecan Clusters! These clusters are made of delicious crunchy pecans coated with a delightful blend of caramel and chocolate, making every bite an explosion of flavor. Indulge in the perfect balance of sweet and nutty flavors with every bite of our Caramel Pecan Clusters. Whether you're looking for a satisfying snack to enjoy on the go or a thoughtful gift for someone special, these clusters are sure to please. Come visit us and taste the difference for yourself!... Keep Reading
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